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Back in college I took a poetry class because I thought it would be an easy A. Boy was I wrong haha. That class made me work. But it also took me out of my comfort zone which I loved, and it made express myself in a new way.

So this page is for us to express ourselves and make some cool shit! Poems, artwork, or really anything you want. I’m going to be posting some of the poems I wrote back in college, and hopefully, some new stuff I’m working on. I’m hoping that this inspires my readers (if I have any haha) to find ways to express themselves. Feel free to submit them to me either anonymously or with your name, and I will post them on here. Lets have some fun my friends!

The Home (Sestina Poem)

The HomePeering through the foggy window, it’s a peaceful home.All signs point to a close and loving family.The children, full of energy, laugh, play and fight.The usual name calling and pushing leads to one of them falling down,But a gentle kiss and a warm hug take the temporary pain away.“Mom and Dad are superheroes! TheyContinue reading “The Home (Sestina Poem)”

This Tree

The life of this tree begins to change. Leaves from green to red, to orange, to brown. Falling gently to the ground. There is no escaping fate. Temperatures are cold; a white blanket has taken over, the soul of this tree hanging on by a thread. Tall and sturdy but leafless and naked,  at first or second glance it wouldContinue reading “This Tree”


There is nothing like being with the people you love, around 7:30-8pm, watching a beautiful sunset. Add a cooler of beers and some story telling, and that’s bliss baby. You just can’t beat it. Whatever is going on in the world just disappears for a while. This simple haiku represents those perfect times. Sunset GazeContinue reading “Haiku’s”

Tequila Poem

Aright, so this is the first poem I ever wrote in my poetry class back in college. Our professor told us to write something fun and simple. So I decided to write about my good friend tequila, who’s been there for the best of times and definitely for the worst of times haha. If youContinue reading “Tequila Poem”

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