The Best Man

Family. Friends. Music. Tons of food. Love. It’s wedding season baby!! Whether you’re a family member of the groom/bride, or in the bridal party, or a close friend, or even a plus one.. the atmosphere is electric! There’s no better feeling than getting all dressed up and celebrating the love between 2 people in yourContinue reading “The Best Man”

This Tree

The life of this tree begins to change. Leaves from green to red, to orange, to brown. Falling gently to the ground. There is no escaping fate. Temperatures are cold; a white blanket has taken over, the soul of this tree hanging on by a thread. Tall and sturdy but leafless and naked,  at first or second glance it wouldContinue reading “This Tree”

You Are Not Alone! Loved One’s With Addiction

I often wonder, in a world so beautiful, why do evils exist? Why do bad things happen to the best people? It’s a question I don’t think I’ll ever have an answer to. I guess the only thing I can think of is that in a world so complicated and tough, it’s easy to loseContinue reading “You Are Not Alone! Loved One’s With Addiction”

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