There is nothing like being with the people you love, around 7:30-8pm, watching a beautiful sunset. Add a cooler of beers and some story telling, and that’s bliss baby. You just can’t beat it. Whatever is going on in the world just disappears for a while. This simple haiku represents those perfect times.

Sunset Gaze

Red and purple skies,
Stillness takes over.
Nothing else matters

This next one represents that one crush you had. The one crush that would never be more than a thought. Maybe you were friends. Maybe you never even spoke a word to them. But every time you saw them your heart tried to race out of your chest. You didn’t know if you should say hi or just sprint the other way ha ha. And worst of all, deep down, you know it’ll never be anything more than a crush. I know everyone feels me on this one!

This one’s for them.

Walking on a Dream

Walking on a dream
My universe has no limits
Except being with you.

Published by YourPalPhil.com

Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. Someone to give us another perspective. Even just someone to get our mind off our problems for a little while. Sometimes we just need a friend. Yourpalphil.com

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