Tequila Poem

Aright, so this is the first poem I ever wrote in my poetry class back in college. Our professor told us to write something fun and simple. So I decided to write about my good friend tequila, who’s been there for the best of times and definitely for the worst of times haha. If you ever had a big night where tequila was involved, (me many more times than i’d like to admit), I know this is hitting home!


1 shot
2 shot
3 shot

5 shot
6 shot
7 shot

All we
Do is
Drink and

We pass
Out on
The floor.

Published by YourPalPhil.com

Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. Someone to give us another perspective. Even just someone to get our mind off our problems for a little while. Sometimes we just need a friend. Yourpalphil.com

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