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Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. Someone to give us another perspective. Even just someone to get our mind off our problems for a little while.
Sometimes we just need a friend.

Hey everybody it’s your pal Phil here and I just wanna say welcome! My goal for this page is to help people! I’ve always been the friend people can come talk to. And I love that. I realized though, that some people don’t have that. A person they can go to when they’re down in the dumps. You know, that shoulder to lean on. Because when things get tough, sometimes all we really need is just a friend in our corner. It makes a world of a difference.

And if you need it, i’d love to be that friend for you. I’ll be your guy!  I want this to be a place where people can come and get what they need out of it. Did you come here cause you need another perspective? I got you. Are you here just because you wanted to kill some time, or wanted a good laugh? Come hang out, I got you! Let’s talk about some deep shit or let’s have some fun! I’m down for it all. 

This a judgement free zone. Just a couple buddies talkin’ shop. Nothing more, nothing less. So if you wanna come along for the ride, I’m happy to have ya. Cheers🍻

Your pal,


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The Home (Sestina Poem)

The HomePeering through the foggy window, it’s a peaceful home.All signs point to a close and loving family.The children, full of energy, laugh, play and fight.The usual name calling and pushing leads to one of them falling down,But a gentle kiss and a warm hug take the temporary pain away.“Mom and Dad are superheroes! They…

The Best Man

Family. Friends. Music. Tons of food. Love. It’s wedding season baby!! Whether you’re a family member of the groom/bride, or in the bridal party, or a close friend, or even a plus one.. the atmosphere is electric! There’s no better feeling than getting all dressed up and celebrating the love between 2 people in your…

This Tree

The life of this tree begins to change. Leaves from green to red, to orange, to brown. Falling gently to the ground. There is no escaping fate. Temperatures are cold; a white blanket has taken over, the soul of this tree hanging on by a thread. Tall and sturdy but leafless and naked,  at first or second glance it would…

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